All-purpose Refractory Gun History

Blastcrete Equipment Company History

Rooted in Refractory

  • All-purpose Refractory Gun
  • We are a family-owned business based in Anniston, Alabama. Our roots date back to Los Angeles in 1950, and since then we’ve continued to evolve under the leadership of Jim Farrell. Farrell, company president and owner, has more than 42 years of experience.
  • Our most recent expansion was in 2006 when we purchased our current facility, a 70,000-square-foot building on 13 acres in Anniston. In 2007, a 1,600-square-foot research, development and training facility was added to the manufacturing building. Neal Manufacturing, manufacturer of asphalt pavement maintenance equipment, partnered with us in 2013 and operates as a division of Blastcrete.
  • Blastcrete's Gunite Machine
Industry Firsts introduced by Blastcrete:
  • 1950

    Single- and Double-Chamber Gunite Machines

  • 1987

    Hydrostatic Piccola Gunite Machine

  • 1990

    Hydrostatic Multi-Rig Mixer/Rotary Gun

  • 1994

    Multi-Rig specific for wet sand

  • 1996

    3-inch swing tube refractory pump with 2,200-pound mixer (MX-10)

  • 1998

    2- to 3-inch Hydraulic Squeeze Pump

  • 2000

    Hydraulic Spiral Mixer

  • 2004

    Refractory Robot

  • 2006

    Skidsteer 3-inch Squeeze Pump

  • 2007

    Hydraulic Continuous Mixer

  • 2008

    4-inch Ball Seat Mixer/Pump

  • 2008

    4-inch Swing Tube Mixer/Pump

  • 2013

    Two-Stage Continuous Mixer