MX-20 Refractory Mixer-Pump

MX-20 Refractory Concrete Mixer Pump

The MX-20 is our ultra high-pressure 4-inch swing tube mixer-pump, designed for dense refractory shotcrete and pump cast applications. Our high-torque pan mixer combined with our ultra high-pressure piston pump consistently delivers 20 tons per hour. This machine is commonly used to pump refractory materials in excess of 300 feet (91 meters) vertical during the most demanding refractory installations.


    • Fastest return on investment
    • 2,200 PSI (152 bar) piston face pressure for rugged refractory pump cast and shotcrete applications
    • 3,300 lb. (1,497 kg) capacity high-torque pan mixer (1.5 to 2-minute mix time)
    • Forklift tubing mounted to lower hopper for easy flat pack removal
    • 1.5” fill rite water meter
    • Reliable solid-state electronics
    • CE certification

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