MX-20MT Mixer-Pump

MX-20MT Concrete Mixer Pump

The new MX-20MT mixer-pump from Blastcrete Equipment, LLC gives contractors a high-output, easy-to-use unit for superb productivity on shotcrete and refractory work in a variety of applications, including steel mills, cement plants and petrochemical plants. The machine provides twice the output of the company’s popular MX-10 mixer/pump yet has nearly the same compact footprint. It’s mounted to a single-chassis trailer for convenience as well as fast and easy transportation, setup and cleaning.

The MX-20MT features a 1-metric-ton mixer with a high-speed hydraulic agitator that keeps materials blended and in suspension as it flows to the 4-inch swing-tube piston pump. The pump operates with up to 2,200 psi pumping pressure for consistent installation of as much as 20 metric tons of material per hour. Customers can vertically pump refractory material in excess of 300 feet and load the hopper with as much as 2,500 pounds of material.


  • 2,200 PSI (151 bar) Piston Face Output Pressure
  • 2,200 lb. (1,000 kg) Capacity High Torque Pan Mixer with Hydraulic Tilt
  • Simple Swing Out Hopper for Fast Access for Cleaning and Service
  • Fill Rite Water Meter (gallons or liters)
  • Forklift Tubing Welded to the Removable Modular Flat Pack for Quick Replacement
  • Proximity Switches Mount to Hydraulic Cylinder
  • CE Certification

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