AA 020 Genuine Piccola Gunite Machine

The Blastcrete Genuine Piccola Gunning Machine provides a simple solution for gunning applications from 0-5 cubic yards.per hour. The 16 AM Gast air motor or 5-horsepower electric motor drives our heavy-duty gearbox, which rotates the rotor section. The unit offers precise material output control and is the most economical gunning machine on the market to purchase, operate and maintain.


  • Simple Piccola single-point clamping system
  • Infinitely variable material output control from 0-5 yd³/hr. (3.8 m³/hr.)
  • Recommended by all major material manufacturers
  • Wear pads last 200 tons (181 metric tons)
  • Solid rubber tires
  • Forklift pickup

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