D6528 Mixer / Pump

We designed the Blastcrete Model D6528 Mixer/Pump for field batching and pumping as much as 12 cubic yards per hour. The unit includes our 9-cubic-foot hydraulic spiral mixer that hydraulically pumps into a 12-cubic-foot receiving hopper. From the hopper, the D6528 3-inch hydraulic squeeze pump moves the material at variable speeds from 0-12 cubic yards per hour. Contractors overwhelmingly choose this machine for gypsum flooring applications since it’s more reliable and user-friendly than competitive equipment. The D6528 Mixer/Pump can also be used for pumping concrete mixes with as much as ½” aggregate.


  • 9 ft³ (.25 m³) hydraulic spiral mixer with hydraulic pump
  • 12 ft³ (.34 m³) receiving hopper with hydraulic agitator
  • 3″ (76 mm) hydraulic squeeze pump driven with heavy-duty planetary gearbox
  • Lowest cost pump to purchase, own and operate
  • Longest-lasting pumping tubes in the industry
  • Robust tubular steel framework


  • Gypsum flooring underlayments
  • ⅜-inch (10-mm) aggregate shotcrete
  • ⅜-inch (10-mm) aggregate concrete mixes
  • Cellular concrete
  • Wet shotcrete
  • Faux rock construction plaster
  • Stucco application
  • Structural panels
  • Slabs
  • Slab jacking
  • Roofs


Length204” (518 cm)
Width88” (224 cm)
Height of water tank 89” (226 cm)
Height of mixer (dump position)86” (218 cm)
Charging height 48” (122 cm)
Output capacity 0-12 yds³/hr. (0-9 m³/hr.)
Mixer capacity 9 ft³ (0.25 m³)
Receiving hopper capacity 12 ft³ (0.34 m³)


  • 2,000 psi (138 bar) hydraulic pressure washer
  • 150 gal. (568 l.) water tank with 2” (5 cm) flow meter
  • Blastcrete computerized water metering system
  • Spare tire
  • Pendant or wireless remote
  • Skid-mounted with forklift tubing
  • Dual axles
  • Air compressor

  • Power Options

  • Kubota V1505 29-HP Kubota water-cooled diesel
  • Kohler 38-HP gasoline engine
  • 30-HP electric motor

Photo Gallery

  • D6528 mixer pump
    D6528-Mixer Pump
  • D6528 cement mixer
    Right Side View
  • D6528 Hydraulic Squeeze Pump
    Hydraulic Squeeze Pump
  • D6528 controls
  • D6528 concrete pump
    Left Side View

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