Gunite Machine Attachment

The Blastcrete Model H 020 is our simple hydraulic rotary gunite machine attachment that offers infinitely variable speeds from 0-5 cubic yards per hour. It features the proven Genuine Piccola single point clamping system and offers precise material output control. The hydraulic requirement — 10 GPM at 1,200 PSI — is universal with any hydraulic power unit with this capacity, and only 225 CFM of air is needed.


  • Simple Piccola single-point clamping system
  • Precise material output control
  • Universal mounting plate
  • Forklift pickup tubing
  • Rotor or half rotor of your choice

Photo Gallery

  • H-020 Gunite Machine Attachment
    Right Side View
  • Gunite Skid mounted attachment
    Left Side View
  • H-020 Skid Mount Attachment
    Front View
  • Gunite Skid Steer Attachment
    Gunite Machine Attached
  • Filling Gunite Machine Attachment
    Filling Gunite Machine

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