RMX-5000 Shotcrete Mixer-Pump

The RMX-5000 is our ultra-high pressure 3-inch swing-tube mixer-pump designed for refractory applications and pumping stucco and shotcrete materials extreme distances. At 2,200 PSI pumping pressure, the unit features with the highest piston face pressure in the industry. The RMX-5000 Concrete Mixer-Pump is commonly used for installing repair materials for corrugated stormwater discharge pipe repairs.


  • 2,200 PSI (152 bar) piston face pressure for refractory shotcrete and dense conventional shotcrete applications
  • 1,000-lb. (450-kg) capacity paddle mixer with planetary gearbox drive for refractory applications
  • 1,000-lb. (450-kg) capacity spiral mixer for conventional shotcrete or plaster applications
  • Hydraulic receiving hopper lift for easy access to swing-tube section for cleaning and maintenance
  • Fill-Rite water meter
  • Convenient 3" (75 mm) HD side discharge
  • Reliable solid-state electronics
  • CE certification

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