Blastcrete RMX-5000 Concrete Mixer-Pump Features Efficient, Rugged Design For Refractory and Shotcrete Applications

RMX-5000 Mixer Pump Skid Mount

Blastcrete Equipment, LLC presents its RMX-5000 Concrete Mixer/Pump, a unit that boasts 15 percent more pumping pressure than any other machine of its size on the market.

The RMX-5000, one of five mixer/pumps in Blastcrete’s lineup for refractory, shotcrete and concrete repair, is user-friendly, safe and rugged enough to handle demanding installations. The highly efficient concrete mixer/pump is available with either a spiral mixer or a paddle mixer with a planetary gearbox. The spiral mixer is designed for conventional shotcrete in applications such as bridge repair projects. The paddle mixer provides the torque necessary for more demanding applications such as refractory, where materials are much more difficult to mix.

With its 2,200-psi piston pump, the RMX-5000 Concrete Mixer/Pump produces up to 5 cubic yards per hour and can achieve vertical pumping distances up to 450 feet. An optional automatic lubrication system greases wear components hourly, as is necessary during operation. It also features a 1,000-pound mixer capacity and a 1,200-pound hopper capacity.

The RMX-5000 is available with a Kubota V3600 66-horsepower water-cooled diesel engine or a 50-horsepower electric motor. Blastcrete positions the engine safely away from the concrete mixer and receiving hopper to prevent thermal transfer of heat to materials, which can accelerate setting. The placement of the engine also prevents airborne fiber from entering and clogging the air intake on the engine.

Blastcrete recommends thorough cleaning after each use to prevent material buildup and hardening, as well as possible damage to the unit. The RMX-5000 Concrete Mixer/Pump is designed for quick and simple cleanup with a hydraulic receiving hopper lift that provides easy access to the swing tube. The 3-inch by 18-inch swing tube is designed for fast cleaning and maintenance. An optional 2,000-psi hydraulic pressure washer can further ease cleanup.

The RMX-5000 is customizable for a range of applications and is available in trailer- or skid-mounted versions. The machine is CE Certified, meets European Union safety standards for equipment operation and is backed worldwide by Blastcrete’s unmatched customer service and support.

Blastcrete also offers free training seminars for customers at its Anniston, Ala. location. In addition to teaching customers how to properly operate and maintain the machine, the company’s experts demonstrate various installation and nozzling techniques.