RS180 Mixer-Pump for High-Volume Gypsum Applications

RS180 Gypsum Pump

Blastcrete Equipment LLC, a long-time manufacturer of shotcrete and gunite mixers and pumps, introduces the RS180 Mixer-Pump with variable speeds from 0-18 cubic yards per hour and long-distance and high-volume pumping capabilities. The RS180 is a user-friendly, economical option for gypsum flooring underlayment, grouting, cellular concrete and some wet shotcrete applications. It offers contractors smoother material delivery for specialty applications, ease-of-use for operation and maintenance, and industry-leading durability for optimum efficiency in a variety of applications.

“When customers come to us with a problem, we work closely with them to come up with a viable solution,” said Tripp Farrell, Blastcrete Equipment LLC president. “Our problem-solving reputation is something we are proud of. The RS180 was developed as a solution to the challenges of our customers applying gypsum floor underlayment. They needed an alternative to their standard squeeze pumps — a pump that could pump further and faster without surging. In addition, the RS180 is extremely simple to operate and maintain with minimal moving parts.”

RS180 Mixer Pump

Blastcrete Equipment LLC’s RS180 Mixer-Pump is a user-friendly, economical option for gypsum flooring underlayment, grouting, cellular concrete and some wet shotcrete applications.

To eliminate material surges and allow for higher pumping volumes, Blastcrete’s RS180 incorporates an adjustable 2L8 rotor-stator pump. The adjustable rotor-stator, or progressive cavity, design allows contractors to tailor material flow to the job at hand. By tightening the unit, operators can increase line pressure for longer vertical or horizontal pumping distances. For shorter distances, the unit can be loosened. This flexibility limits wear compared to other rotor-stator pumps and results in industry-leading longevity and durability.

In addition to the 2L8 rotor-stator, the RS180 features a 12-cubic-foot hydraulic spiral mixer, driven with a planetary gearbox, offering variable speed from 0-60 RPM for application- and site-specific adjustments. Mixing a full load in less than two minutes, the robust mixer minimizes downtime and ensures a continuous flow of material. A 15-cubic-foot receiving hopper, easily charged with 1,000-pound bulk bags or 11.6-cubic-foot skid steer bucket, further increases jobsite efficiency.

The RS180’s user-friendly setup is also designed to increase cleaning and maintenance efficiency. All cleaning and wear parts are easily accessible for ease of maintenance. Additionally, the mixer offers hassle-free removal — with complete detachment from the unit possible after removing only four bolts — to maximize maintenance efficiency.

“Routine cleaning and maintenance are important for keeping machines on the job and out of the shop, especially for materials like gypsum,” Farrell said. “This is one of the main areas where we see contractors cutting corners, so we strive to make it as easy as possible. Everything on the RS180 is easily accessible, meaning cleanup is two times faster than with traditional equipment”

The RS180 features a dual axle high-speed towing trailer and durable tubular steel frame, allowing for long-distance travel and optimal maneuverability, and is powered by a reliable 55-horsepower Yanmar water-cooled diesel engine (Tier 4 Final).

Like all Blastcrete products, the RS180 is backed by a dedicated team of industry experts for outstanding customer service. Blastcrete technicians are available online and by phone for equipment questions, troubleshooting and replacement parts. Contact them at 1-800-235-4867 or though the contact page.