Blastcrete Equipment Tier 4 Final Products Meet Emission Standards

Tier 4 Final refractory pump

Blastcrete announces the completion of the transition to Tier 4 Final-compliant products for the full line of Blastcrete Equipment. This includes the RS180 Mixer-Pump and MX-10 Mixer-Pump. Recently finalized upgrades for Tier 4 Final compliant products feature the same user-friendly, low maintenance design, but allow contractors to stay ahead of changing emission standards.

“Our engineering team works to incorporate the latest technology, such as Tier 4 Final engines, to meet customers’ specifications and industry regulations,” said Tripp Farrell, Blastcrete Equipment LLC president. “Engineering and customizations are two product areas that we will always be adapting to keep customers ahead of the curve.”

Tier 4 Final gypsum pump

Blastcrete Equipment LLC offers a full line of Tier 4 Final-compliant products, including the RS180 Mixer-Pump.

The Tier 4 Final RS180 Mixer-Pump is an economical option for gypsum flooring underlayment, grouting, cellular concrete and some wet shotcrete applications. Powered by a reliable 55-horsepower Yanmar water-cooled diesel engine, the pump offers variable speed from 0-18 cubic yards per hour with long-distance and high-volume pumping capabilities. The adjustable pumping pressure adds durability and maximizes the longevity of wear components, extending the life of the machine.

Blastcrete’s MX-10 Mixer-Pump offers faster and greater ROI on demanding refractory wet shotcrete and pump cast applications in foundries, power generation, petrochemical, steel mills and cement manufacturing facilities. The closed-loop hydraulic circuit delivers greater speed and torque to quickly and effectively mix dense refractory materials in less than two minutes. The unit is powered by a Tier 4 Final 108-horsepower JCB water-cooled diesel engine.

All Blastcrete products are backed by a dedicated team of industry experts for outstanding customer service.

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