RS180 Mixer-Pump

RS180 Mixer-Pump

The Blastcrete Model RS180 Mixer-Pump is variable speed from 0-18 cu. yards per hour.  The unit is equipped with our robust 12 cu. ft. hydraulic spiral mixer (0-60 RPM) with gearbox drive, 15 cu. ft. receiving hopper with conveyor screw, adjustable 2L8 rotor-stator with the longevity to surpass all competitive equipment, dual axle high speed towing trailer, and all powered with a 55 HP Yanmar water-cooled diesel (Tier 4 Final).  The RS180 Mixer-Pump is supplied with our 11.6 cu. ft. skid steer bucket to charge sand and gypsum into the mixer.


  • 2L8 adjustable rotor stator
  • 12 cu. ft. hydraulic spiral mixer with gearbox drive
  • Reliable 55 HP Yanmar water-cooled diesel
  • Long distance and high volume pumping capabilities
  • Durable tubular steel framework
  • Dual axle trailer designed for long distance travel
  • All back by the best customer service in the industry

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