Refractory Paddle Mixer Delivers Speed and Reliability

Refractory Paddle Mixer

Blastcrete Equipment, LLC, a long-time manufacturer of shotcrete and gunite mixers and pumps, offers a Refractory Paddle Mixer that delivers fast mix times while working with mixtures that include aggregates up to a half-inch (13 millimeters) thick. The hydraulic machine mixes as much as 500 pounds (227 kilograms) of refractory castable in 1.5 to 2 minutes and performs well in form-and-pour jobs and other applications involving precast shapes, mortars and grouts.

“The market lacked a small, heavy-duty refractory mixer,” said Tripp Farrell, Blastcrete Equipment, LLC president. “We intentionally designed and built this Paddle Mixer to fill this void in the market. We want our customers to have the tools they need to be as successful as they can be.”

Refractory Placement Paddle Mixer

Blastcrete Equipment’s Refractory Paddle Mixer uses an oversized, heavy-duty, chain-and-sprocket drive system to provide years of reliable use.

The Refractory Paddle Mixer’s oversized, heavy-duty, chain-and-sprocket drive system provides years of reliable use under harsh conditions. It also features a pair of easily accessible levers to control the hydraulic dump and operate the system in both forward and reverse.

Customers can pair the 1,900-pound (862-kilogram) machine with a variety of electric power options for safe indoor use and to meet global needs. Customers have their choice of three electric motors; a 10 horsepower (7.5-kilowatt) electric motor with starter disconnect, a 240- or a 480- volt, 60-hertz motor or a 380- volt, 50- hertz motor. Customers also can choose to power the Paddle Mixer with a 14-horsepower Kohler gas engine.

“Time is money. The faster refractories can mix castable and get the job done, the faster they can get back to making a profit,” Farrell said. “To further our customers’ success, we offer free product training and the best customer service in the industry.”

The 4-foot-wide (1.2-meter-wide) Refractory Paddle Mixer’s trailer features a single axle for easy towing, or it can be skid-mounted.

Customers can use the Paddle Mixer with Blastcrete’s patented DustAway system, which consists of an innovative bulk bag design that attaches to the mixer to contain dust as the mixer fills. DustAway helps businesses meet OSHA crystalline silica dust regulations by controlling dust to within OSHA permissible exposure limits.

For larger refractory jobs, Blastcrete also offers a 1,000-pound refractory paddle mixer-pump, the RMX-5000, and a Refractory Pan Mixer that can mix as much as 2,200 pounds in less than two minutes.

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