60th Anniversary For Blastcrete

Article from MCSMag.com, Nov. 2009.

Blastcrete Equipment Co., Anniston, Alabama, will celebrate its 60th year as a leading international manufacturer of mixing, pumping, and spraying equipment at World of Concrete 2010 booth C4653. “We take a lot of pride in being a truly customer-driven company,” says Blastcrete President Jim Farrell. “Our customers and our employees are our biggest asset and we look upon both as part of the Blastcrete family. All of our employees understand that when we earn a customer’s confidence that we have a duty to help that customer bring value to his business with his investment in Blastcrete and to help our customers make money with that investment.”

Blastcrete Introduces New Machines In 2009

MX-20 CM Mixer/Pump

In 2009, Blastcrete completed the design and build of the Model MX-20 CM mixer pump, which will revolutionize the placement of monolithic refractory materials. The MX-20 CM features a highshear, high-production, two-stage continuous mixer with a 4-inch ultra-high-pressure 25 ton per hour swing tube pump.

This machine was been designed for high-volume, mediumvolume, and low-volume mixing, pumping, spraying, and placement of refractories and shotcrete. The versatility is unmatched in the industry. “The footprint, weight, and fuel consumption of the MX-20 is less than our 3-inch MX-10 with a 2,200 pound batch mixer,” comments Blastcrete Sales Manager Tripp Farrell. “The two-stage mixer cleans up 80 percent faster than a 3,300 pound capacity batch mixer, and the flat pack (pumping section) includes our popular swing out hopper for easy access to cleaning and maintenance. Oversized differential cylinders lower the pumping pressure, which improves the life of the concrete pump. Best of all, the price of the machine is 30 percent less than competitive machines. Once again, we are providing our customers with more for less.”

3″ Squeeze Pumps For Precast

Blastcrete also delivered its first self-propelled mixer/pump designed for the precast industry in 2009. Designed specifically for a large precast customer in Latin America, this machine features a 9 cubic yard electric/hydraulic remixer, which supplies aggregate concrete material for two 3-inch electric squeeze pumps. The machine was mounted on an in-plant railway, which leads from the ready mix plant to the molds.

A propane powered engine serves as the power pack for the propulsion of the vehicle, as well as the hydraulic system. “This has been a very exciting project for us,” says Farrell, “and it has opened up a new market for us (precast) which we plan to take advantage of.”

Blastcrete Provides Business Opportunities

Blastcrete provides opportunities for their customers to grow and diversify their business. MetrockSCIP is an affordable Structural Concrete Insulated Panel System developed for extremely energy efficient and green housing, and this is available for license from Blastcrete.

The Alabama Department of Transportation Research and Development Committee has recently approved a thin shell concrete repair system for storm water culverts, which includes a proprietary high-tensile strain repair material, as well as a Blastcrete mixer, pump, and robot that is available for license from Blastcrete.

The gypsum flooring industry has benefited from a complete line of Blastcrete mixer/pumps that include 2-inch and 3-inch squeeze pumps, as well as a new 4-inch ball seat pump for extremely high-volume applications.

The masonry industry has benefited from the Mason Mate, a compact, self-contained mixer pump that reduces a mason grouting crew by 60 percent and it is also capable of pumping mortar, as well as masonry grout.

The coal mining industry has benefited from the Mine Mate, a continuous mixer that can feed either a squeeze pump or swing tube pump for mine stabilization.