Blastcrete Equipment, LLC Offers Efficient, Economical MX-10 Mixer/Pump

MX-10 Concrete Mixer Pump

The MX-10 Mixer/Pump from Blastcrete Equipment, LLC is a hydraulically-powered, 3-inch swing tube-style unit designed for refractory shotcrete and pump cast applications. User-friendly and built to handle even the most demanding refractory installations, the highly efficient mixer/pump is ideal for use in foundries, steel mills and cement plants, as well as a variety of industries including glass, power generation, incineration and petrochemical.

The MX-10 Mixer/Pump features a 2,200-pound capacity, high-torque hydraulic pan mixer, which offers a mix time of 2 minutes or less. Combined with an ultra high-pressure, 2,200-psi piston pump, the unit is able to consistently deliver 10 tons of material per hour and achieves vertical pumping distance of up to 300 feet.

Blastcrete MX-10 Mixer/Pump

In order to prevent material build-up and hardening, as well as possible damage to the unit, the MX-10 Mixer-Pump must be thoroughly cleaned after each use. Unlike typical swing tube-style pumps that require difficult, time-intensive cleaning and maintenance, the MX-10 has been designed to make the process quick and simple. The receiving hopper features swing-out capabilities, allowing easy access to its lower area and the swing tube for fast cleaning and maintenance. The entire flat pack can be removed from the frame in just minutes to provide easier access for maintenance. For enhanced cleaning ease, a 2,000-psi hydraulic pressure washer is an available option.

To ensure the mix stays consistent and blended, a hydraulic agitator is included in the receiving hopper. The agitator’s high intensity mixing action assures that the refractory grains and binders remain in suspension as the material is loaded into the pump. The re-mix hopper with agitator has a capacity of 2,500-pounds.

At 22-square feet, the operator platform on the MX-10 offers more than 50 percent additional space than competitive models. The platform design also allows the electrical controls to be ideally positioned to prevent debris and water from making contact with the electrical components. Lifting eyes are mounted on the platform for easy lifting and transport.

Thermal transfer can cause refractory materials to set prematurely. The MX-10 Mixer/Pump has been designed to prevent thermal transfer from the engine to the mixer and receiving hopper by positioning the engine safely away from both areas. This also prevents foreign debris from entering and clogging the air intake on the engine.

Mixer liners and carbide wear components for the pumping system provide assurance for long life. For enhanced durability, an automatic lubrication system is optional.

The unit is available with either a John Deere 4045T 99-horsepower or Deutz BF4M 2012 102-horspower water-cooled diesel engine. It’s also available with dual 40-horsepower electric motors. The MX-10 is CE Certified, meeting European Union safety standards for equipment operation and backed worldwide by Blastcrete’s unmatched customer service and support.

For 60 years, Blastcrete Equipment, LLC has been manufacturing safe, reliable and user-friendly solutions for the refractory and shotcrete industries. With a complete product line consisting of concrete mixers, pumps and related products, Blastcrete Equipment, LLC is poised to meet the needs of the commercial and residential construction, ICF and SCIP building systems, refractory and underground markets.