Blastcrete Equipment, LLC Offers Efficient, Reliable 2,200-pound Capacity Refractory Pan Mixer

2200lb. Refractory Pan Mixer

The 2,200-pound Capacity Refractory Pan Mixer from Blastcrete Equipment, LLC is a hydrostatic batch mixer exclusively designed for refractory installations and precast refractory shapes manufacturing. Featuring the capability of -inch aggregate and mix time of 2 to 3 minutes, this highly efficient pan mixer is able to mix up to 1-metric ton of refractory castable.

Blastcrete’s Refractory Pan Mixer is designed for safe and easy operation. The 15-square foot operator platform includes a user-friendly control panel for mixing and material discharge operations. The bottom discharge features a hydraulically-activated sliding door, allowing material to be quickly discharged from the mixer, where it is carried to a pump or transported into a mold. Material discharge height is variable up to 72 inches, thanks to adjustable telescoping legs.

The Refractory Pan Mixer is the most economical refractory mixer on the market, and has been designed for fast cleaning and maintenance. All crucial maintenance points are easily accessible, and the mixer features hydraulic tilt capabilities for simplified cleaning. To further aid in cleaning ease, an optional 2,000-PSI hydraulic pressure washer is available.

Standard with a 40-HP electric motor with starter and disconnect, the pan mixer can be customized with voltage and Hz options to suit each customer’s needs. Forklift pick-up points add convenience and aid in easy transportability. The machine is CE Certified and backed worldwide by Blastcrete’s unmatched customer service and support.