Revolutionary Pump Delivers Material Up to 600 Feet

HBS-1500 Concrete Mixer

Blastcrete Equipment Co. has introduced the new Model HBS 1500 mixer pump for long distance and high pressure pumping of gypsum flooring, fireproofing and 1/2″ aggregate shotcrete and concrete repair materials. This 4″ hydraulic ball seat pump will pump sanded gypsum flooring materials using a 1.5″ delivery line up to 600 ft. at outputs up to 130 bags (12 cubic yards) of material per hour.

“This device changes everything about how this type of technology can be used,” says Jim Farrell, President of Blastcrete. “Now you can safely pump shotcrete and concrete 600 feet at a speed that will increase builders” efficiency worldwide.”

The HBS 1500 features a 12 cubic ft. hydraulic spiral mixer with hydraulic dump and a 30 second mixing time. The 26 cubic ft. receiving hopper includes a hydraulic agitator and hydraulic dump for quick and easy cleaning of the pumping cylinders. The 4″ ball seat assembly is attached to the receiving hopper and flat pack with heavy duty clamps which can be quickly and easily disassembled for cleaning or making routing repairs.

The ball seat pump offers much lower maintenance costs than comparable rotor stator pumps with the average repair cost at less than $.03 per bag of material pumped. The machine is mounted on a high speed dual axle trailer with brakes and lights. Standard features include a 2500 psi hydraulic pressure washer for easy cleaning as well as a 150 gallon water tank with digital water meter.