What is Customerization?

refractory application

From shotcreting a swimming pool to installing refractory in a kiln, you know each job comes with a unique set of criteria and challenges. It’s important that your equipment manufacturer understands that as well.

We’ve been making customer success and satisfaction our top priorities since day one. We call it customerization — providing customized equipment with unmatched customer service and support tailored to each customer’s specific needs.

It begins with the equipment. Having the right machine on a job is crucial to the quality of the project, which is also crucial to your customer’s satisfaction. From the ideal speed that will efficiently apply material and deliver high-quality results to the right size and type of unit for your applications and mixes, there are numerous features we can customize to ensure each machine will deliver high performance and durability day in and day out.

We also want to ensure you’re ready for whatever the jobsite throws at you. To help prepare you, we offer free training on proper operation, maintenance and mix design so you’ll be ready to rock.

get customerized

Customerization doesn’t stop there. Things happen and questions arise, which is why when you call, you get a real live person who can provide the answers and guidance you need to keep

your project on track. In fact, we guarantee a 24-hour response time 365 days a year.

Contact us to learn more about customerization.