Commercial Concrete Construction Solutions

The hardest working concrete, shotcrete, gunite & grouting equipment.

Shotcrete and Gunite Sprayer

From gypsum flooring pumps to micro trench grout equipment and epoxy grouting, Blastcrete sets the industry standard in self-contained mixer-pump combinations. Our products are purpose built for concrete placement in high-rise construction, gypsum flooring underlayment, micro trenching and various concrete repair applications.

When you’re looking for a machine that can handle any job, you need Blastcrete. We’ve got you covered with our machines that are specifically made for your needs. Whether you need a concrete pump, shotcrete pump, grout pump, mixer-pump, gypsum mixer-pump or gunite machine, we have what you need to take your operation to the next level.

  • Custom Concrete Pumps & Mixers
  • Skid Steer Concrete Pump Attachments
  • Concrete Line Pumps
  • Cellular Concrete Equipment
  • Wet & Dry Shotcrete Equipment
  • Shotcrete  Mixers-Pumps
  • “Gypcrete” Installation Applications
  • Gypsum Flooring Pumps Applications
  • Micro Trenching Grouting Equipment
  • Concrete Trailer Pumps
  • Grout Pumps

    Tell us what you want to accomplish. We’ll make you the equipment that will get you there.

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